Transit Bolts and More

Many people now buy appliances on the internet but are unsure how to actually install them (particularly washing machines).   If any customer is unsure about installing an item, I am more than happy to help.

In one week recently I received five customer calls regarding "faulty appliances" but in every one of these cases the machines had been wrongly installed - typically not removing transit bolts.

Here is a really good video that explains how to install a washing machine or washer dryer (pretty much the same for a dishwasher also).  Note:  It is not me in the video.  This fella has much better hair.

If you buy a machine from me and you believe it to be faulty, before I can take any action then an engineer MUST be allowed to inspect it to see if it is "actually" faulty.  

This is only fair as I have had customers return "faulty machines" only to find that they have not removed transit bolts or even just with a fuse blown in the plug.

I have always gone above and beyond what is required by trading laws to ensure that my customers get the best possible service and will strive to do this in the future.

If you are unwilling for an engineer to check if a machine is actually faulty before I undertake my obligations within trading law then please do not buy from me.