What is Graded?

I only sell the very best graded products from the Hoover Candy Group (that is Hoover, Candy and Baumatic brands).

These are categorised on this site as being either Grade A or Grade B.

The difference between the two is quite simple.

Typically A grade are brand new items that have just been repackaged or just end of lines / marketing samples.  A grade products have no marks or blemishes that can be seen on the front. These come with a one year labour and three year parts warranty from the manufacturer. 

Typically B grade are new items that have marks caused during handling in the warehouse or during delivery.  B grade may (only may - many do not) have a mark or blemish on that can be see from the front.  These come with a six month, in home parts and labour warranty from Hoover Candy.

If you are unsure about ordering a graded product as you are concerned that it may be badly damaged then please don't.  If you contact us we will quite happily unpack and photograph any blemish (if it has one - many machines have none at all) and send them to you so that you know exactly what you are buying.

Please be aware that before the manufacturer supplies these machines to me they fully test them.  This includes connecting them to a computer system that checks all the components are working.  They also run water through all washers and washer dryers to ensure that they are water tight with no loose pipes etc. 


The warranty on these items is undertaken by the MANUFACTURER in exactly the same way as if the item was purchased from any other retailer such as Currys or John Lewis.