What are these products?

I only sell the very best re-packaged products from the Hoover Candy Group (that is Hoover, Candy and Baumatic brands).

These are brand new items that have been repackaged (by the manufacturer) or just end of lines / marketing samples. They come with a one year labour and three year parts warranty from the manufacturer.   The warranty works exactly the same as if the item is purchased from any other UK retailer (in your home by the manufacturers engineer).

I get lots of phone calls from customers who "read" the description above but then still phone me and ask "is it really new"? or "is it a manufacturers warranty"?.  The answer to both of these questions are "yes, it is new" and "yes, it is a manufacturers warranty".  

The manufacturer will quality check at random some of these items.   This includes connecting them to a computer system that checks all the components are working.  They also run water through all washers and washer dryers to ensure that they are water tight with no loose pipes etc.